Please help us to get Ferns noticed with Tesco Bags of Help Scheme!

Ferns Kitchen has been selected as one of the possible recipients of the Tesco Groundwork Fund! We are delighted but we need your help! If you are using Tesco in one of the areas listed below, please feed your token into the FERNS KITCHEN CATERING slot to help us fund our services!

2340    Corstorphine    EH12 7UQ        Extra
5484    CRAIGLOCKHART EXP       EH14 1AT        Express
5305    EDINBURGH BRUNTSFIELD METRO     EH10 5DN        Metro
2461    Edinburgh Colinton Mains  (D) (B)       EH13 9AH        Superstores
6423    EDINBURGH GRACEMT EXP   EH16 6RS        Express
6551    EDINBURGH HAYMARK EXP   EH12 5LQ        Express
5769    Edinburgh Hermiston Gate        EH11 4DG        Superstores
6550    EDINBURGH NIDDRIE EXP   EH16 4DT        Express
6658    EDINBURGH ROSBURN EXP   EH12 5NG        Express
6850    EDINBURGH STENHSE EXP   EH11 3DQ        Express
5189    RBS EDINBURGH EXP       EH12 9BH        Express

Many Thanks for your support 🙂

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