Ferns Kitchen Catering CIC is a small organisation aimed at addressing social isolation and health and food inequalities in south Edinburgh for the over 50’s

We have a community cafe with lunch club, fish teas and social events, are developing an outside/corporate catering business, a homemade ready meals business and providing training and volunteering opportunities for people with barriers to employment..

We only started up in August and there’s just 2 of us on a day to day basis which leaves us very stretched. We have 2 other directors so now require volunteer board members either with marketing or finance experience and were hoping someone on your team or acquaintance might be interested in being part of a new venture?

It would also be helpful if potential board members had a knowledge of social enterprise and the third sector.

We need someone with finamce/business background to help with business strategy, accounts and finances as well as HMRC related matters.

We also need someone who is social media savvy and can help us develop our marketing strategy.We are keen to be as zero waste as possible.

if you can help we’d be really grateful. We look forward to hearing back from you

Contact us at

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